Barcelona Wine and Beer Experience

Choose the best time for you. Do them on seperate dates if you wish or on the same day! Times listed below

Located in the city! No buses or shuttles.
Limited Time Offer - Pay 120€ for 2 people

NEW! Both Wine and Craft Beer Tasting/Class

Craft Beer Tour

Wine Tasting Class 

Begins at 17hr. Approx 2 hours

Begins at 1930hr. Approx 2 hours

-Daily - English or Spanish Spoken Tasting-

-Friday and Sunday or anyday for groups of 6 or more-  English Spoken Tour-

  1. Born Cultural center
  2. Santa Maria Del Mar
  3. Port Vell
  4. Beer Tour
  5. Brewmaster at the beer tour
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  7. Craft beer tasting
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  1. Sommelier wine tasting
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  4. Barcelona wine and beer experience
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 ​  Includes:
-4 craft beer tastings with brew-masters
-Tour of craft brewery
-Extra pint that YOU get to choose!

This new and unique Barcelona craft beer tasting and brewery tour will give you a private experience of how local Barcelona craft beer is made. Join brew-masters Matt or Stefano for a tasting of 4-5 fresh craft beers, made 10 meters away from your seat and learn from them how each style is brewed fresh. After the tasting they will take you on a guided tour of this small Barcelona craft brewery followed up by a pint of your choice and a free souvenir! Yes, I said free.

We will also be taking pro-grade photos at the brewery to email you if you so like. Put them up on your Facebook page and show your friends. Free of charge. 

So, who's ready to taste the best craft beer in Barcelona?

-5 wine tastings and class with Barcelona wine expert
-Tapas (local cheese and olives)
-Private tasting if you choose

​​​​​We all know that a tasting is, well, just that - a tasting. Tastings don't teach you anything about the wine itself. What region it is from, the soil variations and why do I like some wines and not others? Let's get you on the right track and add some education from a Barcelona wine expert into the tastings.

This Barcelona wine tasting is exclusive to this tour. It is also a hotel and also offers the tastings to its guests at a price. So you will be special as no other tour has access to this amazing spot. 

The tasting will be given by a true Barcelona wine expert with years of Spanish wine knowledge right there at your fingertips. Your taste buds and heart will be intertwined as you taste 5 hand selected wines of different varietals. No - these are not 3€ bottles you will find at the market. I made sure you are getting an amazing value for your experience! 

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 Super Enthusiast

   Book both for Only 66€/person
                 -You choose the day for each tour-

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